An Adam Abroad

From Boston to Budapest and everything in between…

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Last Updated:  01/27/2014

My name’s Adam.  I’m a forever-Bostonian and court stenographer who left home at 27 to chase my dream of world travel and to experience something new and exciting.  I have traveled extensively in Europe and Southeast Asia, with aspirations of exploring South America in the future.  What started as a cheesy way to document my travels has turned into an experiment of self-improvement, commitment, and shameless self-promotion.  Hoping that writing was one skill I could use and improve this year, I am promising to create a new post at least once a week for every week in 2014.  Follow along on my journey of introspection, self-deprecation, and a hopefully, even a little inspiration to get out of your comfort zone and follow your passion.

What other people are saying about Adam:

“You have an old soul.” – Mark D.

“You truly are a special person.”  – Janet S.

“Some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth is just ridiculous.” – Dylan W.Y.

“I hate that kid so much…”  – Kevin M.

One thought on “Start Here

  1. Matt D. on said:

    If X-Box had a backpacking game, I doubt Adam would have gone…

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